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Winter Park Bamboo Plants for Sale

Graceful Bamboo

Graceful Bamboo - 'Bambusa Textilis Gracilis' 7 Gallon - Price 150 15 Gallon - Price $225 Price includes delivery and intallation within the Orlando area. *Certain restrictions apply, please inquire for details. Attributes: This bamboo is known as Slender Weaver....

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Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo - 'Bambusa lako' 7 Gallon - Price $100 15 Gallon - Price $195 25 Gallon - Price $350 Attributes: Not as cold hardy as Asian Lemon, Graceful, Oldhamii, or Tropical Blue, Black bamboo is best known for its shiny black culms and feathery green leaves. In the...

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Malay Dwarf Bamboo

Malay Dwarf Bamboo - 'Bambusa Heterostachya' 7 Gallon - Price $100 15 Gallon - Price $195 Attributes: Hardy drought tolerant. Frost Tolerant once established and makes an very nice thick hedge - you may trim to your size and preference. Known to arch due to its thick...

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Oldhamii Bamboo

Oldhamii Bamboo - Oldham's - Giant Timber Bamboo - 'Bambusa Oldhamii' 7 Gallon - Price $75 15 Gallon - Price $175 25 Gallon - Price $250 Attributes: Straight & erect culms wide leaves tight clumps. Height: 55 feet tall with a culm diameter of 3 inches. Exposure: Full...

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Asian Lemon Bamboo

Asian Lemon Bamboo - Bambusa Eutuldoides 'Viridi-Vittata' 7 Gallon - Price $100 15 Gallon - Price $195 Attributes: Asian Lemon Bamboo will grow to heights in upwards of 25 feet. The Asian Lemon Bamboo is great choice for privacy screening. When established the Asian...

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Tropical Blue Bamboo

Tropical Blue Bamboo For Sale - 'Bambusa Chungii' 7 Gallon - Price $100 15 Gallon - Price $195 25 Gallon - Price $350 Attributes: Culms are bluish white with pronounced light green leaves. Strikingly handsome bamboo categorized by spectacular white wax on its nicely...

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Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo

Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo For Sale - 'Bambusa vulgaris' - 'Wamin' *4-5' Tall- 7 Gallon - Price $93 *6-8' Tall- 15 Gallon - Price $173 *7-10' Tall-  25 Gallon - Price $293 Attributes: Dwarf Buddha Belly is characterized by unique culms and striking green foliage. The...

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Bonnie Bamboo

Bonnie Bamboo For Sale - 'Bambusa Boniopsis' 7 Gallon - Price $100 15 Gallon - Price $195 Attributes: Smaller leaf  size with delicate appearance. Fine leaves the droop when young. Good privacy screen. Height: 15-20 feet tall with a culm diameter of 1-1.2 inches....

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Fern Leaf Bamboo

Fern leaf Bamboo For Sale - 'Bambusa Multiplex' 7 Gallon - Price $50 15 Gallon - Price $125 25 Gallon - Price $200 Attributes: Smaller leaf  size generally 10-20 2 ranked leaves. Height: 15-20 feet tall** with a culm diameter of 1-1.2 inches. Exposure: Full to partial...

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Cat Palm

Cat Palm - 'Chamaedorea cataractarum', Cascade Palm Tree 7 Gallon - Price $45 Attributes: The Cat palm tree isn't a tree but should be considered as its true classification as a clustering palm. The Cat palm does not have a trunk, instead this tree is highlighted by a...

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Areca Palm

Areca Palm For Sale Areca Palm - 'Areca lutescens' AKA Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, Dypsis lutescens, Butterfly Palm, Yellow Palm, Golden Cane 7 Gallon - Price $50 Attributes: The Areca Palm is a fast grower and is very thick from the bottom to the top. Due to its...

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Fishtail Palm For Sale

Fishtail Palm For Sale - 'Caryota Mitis' 7 Gallon - Price $40 Attributes: Fishtail Palm Trees are clustering palms that will grow dense offering a nice privacy screen or living wall, especially while they are no mature. -Over time these palm trees can create a very...

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Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm - Golden Cane Palm - Areca Palm - Yellow palm - Butterfly Palm - 'Dypsis Lutescens' Attributes:  The Bamboo Palm also known as the butterfly areca and golden cane palm is the most popular grown indoors from the dypsis genus, and easy to grow. Multiple...

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Foxtail Palm

Foxtail Palm - Wodyetia Palm - 'Wodyetia Bifurcata' 30 Gallon - Price $175 Attributes: A tropical palm that looks great in nearly all landscapes, the Foxtail Palm can be single or multi-trunk palm tree. The trunk is generally smooth to the touch and gray in color. The...

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Phoenix Sylvester Palm

Phoenix Sylvester Palm - Silver Date Palm - 'Phoenix Sylvestris' We have larger sizes available, call for more information. Attributes: The Greek word 'Phoenix', meaning crimson or purple Sylvestris means “wild”. This palm is also known by other names including...

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Bamboo Plants For Sale

What Our Customers are Saying

“Your turn around time is way faster than what I expected and my owner was happy that your plants thrived right from the start with no initial shock. Although we already had a big order with another company, many of the plants were not up to standard. Winter Park Bamboo bailed me out last minute by supplying my company with everything we needed to complete the project on time, thank you!

Kelly V. | Orlando Florida

Landscape Contractor

“I asked my wife to call and get a price from you guys. The next day we had a living wall of bamboo in our yard to help cut down on the road noise and shade us from the eastern exposure of the morning sun . Things are cooler and notably quieter now! We are very happy with the price and quality of your bamboo”

Austin D. | Winter Park Florida

Proud Homeowner

“I am very happy with the bamboo plants and palms I purchased from Winter Park Bamboo. Your prices are affordable and your staff is always friendly. Thanks Winter Park Bamboo!”

Larry G. | Winter Park Florida

Satisfied Customer

“We priced a fair sized order of Graceful Bamboo plants and were able to get a better price than if we sent a truck 4 hours south to pick up from Miami. Winter Park Bamboo has helped us a few times with smaller orders of 20-20 plants, always a pleasure!

Greg W. | Kissimmee Florida


“My husband and I never understood how important privacy was until a new creepy neighbor moved in next door. He was always looking in on us at our backyard swimming pool. Winter Park Bamboo, you were fast, affordable, knowledgable and valuable to our situation. We truly appreciate the new privacy and can enjoy our pool and yard again.”

Monica | Orlando Florida

Goodbye Creepy Neighbor

“Due to adjacent development that resulted in loss of trees and shade, we needed to block out the suns harsh rays that were now heating up our house. was able to erect a nice tall row of trees that not only cooled things down tremendously, we also noticed some additional privacy and improved aesthetic in our backyard. Thank You!!!”

Jason | Windermere Florida

Happy Homeowner

winter park bamboo for sale

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