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Black Bamboo – ‘Bambusa lako’

7 Gallon – Price $100

15 Gallon – Price $195

25 Gallon – Price $350

Attributes: Not as cold hardy as Asian Lemon, Graceful, Oldhamii, or Tropical Blue, Black bamboo is best known for its shiny black culms and feathery green leaves. In the best conditions Black Bamboo can grow to 35 feet in height with culms over 3 inches in diameter. 25 feet is its average height in most climates. but this bamboo can top out at a recorded 45 feet in height. Black Bamboo makes a very nice ornamental bamboo and can be used as a blind for equipment and pumps, it makes a great privacy screen in both commercial and residential applications. This bamboo variety adds elegance and provenance to any space. Because of is striking beauty and relative ease of care, Black Bamboo is appropriate for commercial light industrial and residential applications.

Height: 40’+ feet tall with a culm diameter of 3 inches.

Exposure: Full to partial sun

Semi-Cold Hardy: As low as 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spacing: 8-10 ft. (2.4-3 m)

Type: Timor Black Bamboo – ‘Bambusa lako’ is known as a clumping or non-invasive bamboo that grows well in central Florida.

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Timor Black Bamboo – ‘Bambusa lako' for sale
Timor Black Bamboo – ‘Bambusa lako' for sale