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Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo For Sale – ‘Bambusa vulgaris’ – ‘Wamin’

*4-5′ Tall- 7 Gallon – Price $93

*6-8′ Tall- 15 Gallon – Price $173

*7-10′ Tall-  25 Gallon – Price $293

Attributes: Dwarf Buddha Belly is characterized by unique culms and striking green foliage. The lower half of the Dwarf Buddha Belly has few if any branches and is known by its pear shaped inflated internodes.

Height: 15-20 feet tall with a culm diameter of 4 inches.
Exposure: Full to partial sun
Moderately Cold Hardy: As low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
Type: Dwarf Buddha Belly – Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’ is known as a clumping or non-invasive bamboo that grows well in central Florida.

* Bamboo plant heights vary from one plant to another/ Please call to come see our bamboo or call for a measure before you buy as stock varies throughout the season.

Get in touch to purchase our dwarf buddha belly bamboo

To purchase Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo – ‘Bambusa vulgaris’ – ‘Wamin’ Call: 407-545-5137

Winter Park Bamboo is a bamboo nursery open by appointment only.

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We are located in Winter Park Florida (just 5 minutes north of Orlando). Winter Park Bamboo specializes in Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo and other cold hardy, non-invasive, clumping bamboos as well as palm trees.

Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo
Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo
Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo