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Areca Palm For Sale

Areca Palm – ‘Areca lutescens’ AKA Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, Dypsis lutescens, Butterfly Palm, Yellow Palm, Golden Cane

7 Gallon – Price $50

Attributes: The Areca Palm is a fast grower and is very thick from the bottom to the top. Due to its ability to grow quickly, It is known as a privacy barrier and as a decorative palm too. One of the most popular palms, the Areca Palm is widely recognized by its narrow graceful fronds . The Areca Palm’s popularity as an office and house plant is well known in many places not just Winter Park and the Orlando area.

Because it is an attractive and easy to care for palm tree, the Areca Palm is a very hearty and desirable. Clumping variety, mildly drought tolerant.

Height: 25-35′
Exposure: Part shade to full sun, any well drained soil
*Cold Hardy: Thrives between 15°C – 25°C / 59 °F – 70°F. Take care not to allow it to get any colder than 10°C / 40°F (unless you can cover it during short periods of frost)

Indoors: Yes

Areca Palm For Sale

Yes! Winter Park Bamboo & Palm Trees has Areca Palm For Sale- To Purchase The Areca Palm – ‘Areca lutescens’ AKA Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, Dypsis lutescens, Butterfly Palm, Yellow Palm, Golden Cane Palm,  Call: 407-545-5137

Winter Park Bamboo is a bamboo nursery open by appointment only.

We Specialize in Sale and Delivery of Commercial, Residential, & Mixed-Use Bamboo & Palm Trees

We are located in Winter Park Florida (just 5 minutes north of Orlando). Winter Park Bamboo specializes in cold hardy, non-invasive, clumping bamboos as well as palm trees.

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Areca Palm For Sale

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Areca Palm For Sale
Areca Palms For Sale