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Phoenix Sylvester Palm – Silver Date Palm – ‘Phoenix Sylvestris’

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Attributes: The Greek word ‘Phoenix’, meaning crimson or purple Sylvestris means “wild”. This palm is also known by other names including Sylvester, Silver Date Palm, Wild Date Palm, Toddy Palm, and India Date Palm. The Phoenix Sylvester is native to Southern Pakistan & many parts of India. The Phoenix Sylvestris flourishes in plains and scrubland areas of Pakistan and India. Fruits from these palm trees are harvested to make wine, jams and jellies. The sap is gathered and consumed fresh like maple water or fermented into toddy making a drink called Toddy palm. The leaves are used to make items such as baskets, mats and bags. The fresh sap is boiled to make palm jaggery popular in India and Paklistan.

Max Height: 41′

Exposure: Full sun

Cold Hardy: 10 Degrees Fahrenheit

Indoors: Outdoors preferably, grows 2-3 feet per year

Dangers: Plant has many sharp long spines and sharp edges please exercise extreme caution when handling. Please exercise caution when planting trees smaller than 6′, where young children or animals play.
Spacing: 20-30′

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Phoenix Sylvester Palm For Sale
Phoenix Sylvester Palm For Sale