About Us

Winter Park Bamboo is a bamboo nursery open by appointment only.

WinterParkBamboo.com Specializes in Commercial, Residential, & Mixed-Use Bamboo & Palm Trees.

We are located in Winter Park Florida (just 5 minutes north of Orlando). Winter Park Bamboo offers cold hardy, non-invasive, clumping bamboos as well as palm trees. What this means to you is we provide lush beautiful bamboo that is suited for this environment and of course your special space. We make areas beautiful with our plants and bamboos.

You can learn more about Winter Park Bamboo by the plants we carry.

Please call us before you stop out to ensure we have what you need: 407-984-0226

We Specialize in Sale and Delivery of Commercial, Residential, & Mixed-Use Bamboo & Palm Trees: (click below for prices)

Timor Black Bamboo – ‘Bambusa lako’
Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo — Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’
Bonnie Bamboo — Bambusa Boniopsis
Malay Dwarf Bamboo — Bambusa Heterostachya
Tropical Blue Bamboo — Bambusa Chungii
Fernleaf Bamboo — Bambusa Multiplex
Asian Lemon Bamboo Bambusa Eutuldoides ‘Viridi-Vittata’
Oldhamii Bamboo – Oldham’s — Giant Timber Bamboo — Bambusa
Graceful Bamboo — Bambusa Textilis Gracilis
Phoenix Sylvesters
Foxtail Palms
Fishtail Palms
Bamboo Palms
Cat Palms
Areca Palms
Bamboo Can Cool Your Environment
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