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Benefits of Bamboo

There are many practical benefits of bamboo for your home and office.

For centuries people have sought the beautiful grass we know as bamboo for providing privacy, security, shade and beauty. Bamboo is a plant that provides significant environmental benefits. A renewable resource, bamboo has many uses around the world. In Central Florida bamboo can provide soil stabilization and erosion control. In Winter Park and Orlando bamboo is used as an ornamental plant that provides energy savings by blocking the sun’s rays on exposed structures.

Full grown bamboo can mask neighborhood noise such as traffic and the neighbors cute but unruly children. Bamboo offers its own ambient sounds by absorbing and deflecting sound waves while generating white noise as the wind blows through its leaves and canes. Even the lightest winds blowing through the bamboo will rustle bamboo leaves and create a calm peaceful environment. It is for these reasons bamboo is known to have noise attenuation properties. It is for all of these reasons we love and offer you winter park bamboo!

    Bamboo Is Beautiful
    Bamboo Can Cool Your Environment
    Benefits of Bamboo For Security
    Benefits of Bamboo For Privacy
    Benefits of Bamboo For Noise Control

Are you interested in the different varieties of bamboo we offer?
Click below to learn about each of the varieties that Winter Park Bamboo & Palms offers. We Specialize in Sale and Delivery of Commercial, Residential, & Mixed-Use Bamboo & Palm Trees.

Timor Black Bamboo – ‘Bambusa lako’
Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo — Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’
Bonnie Bamboo — Bambusa Boniopsis
Malay Dwarf Bamboo — Bambusa Heterostachya
Tropical Blue Bamboo — Bambusa Chungii Attributes
Fernleaf Bamboo — Bambusa Multiplex
Asian Lemon Bamboo Bambusa Eutuldoides ‘Viridi-Vittata’
Oldhamii Bamboo – Oldham’s — Giant Timber Bamboo — Bambusa
Graceful Bamboo — Bambusa Textilis Gracilis
Phoenix Sylvesters
Foxtail Palms
Fishtail Palms
Bamboo Palms

Benefits of Bamboo Orlando
Benefits of Bamboo Orlando
benefits of bamboo orlando