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QUESTION: Is your bamboo running/ invasive?

ANSWER: No and we only offer clumping non-invasive bamboo for sale. Be careful, there are horror stories of folks buying bamboo from Craigslist only to find out they have the running variety. Because some running bamboo will actually behave like clumping initially it can be hard to distinguish. Running bamboo is invasive and can get you in trouble with neighbors, home owners associations and the city you live in, especially if you do not keep it under control. See the graphic below, running bamboo sends shoots out parallel with the horizon from the rhizome, while clumping sends new shoots vertically towards the sky.

bamboo for sale floridda


QUESTION: Is bamboo a tree?

ANSWER: No, bamboo is classified as a grass.

bamboo grass for sale

QUESTION: How long does it take bamboo to grow into its full height?

ANSWER: This generally depends on several factors, how big and mature the bamboo is when planted. Most bamboo is generally planted in (7) gallon and (15) gallon pot sizes. This means that smaller varieties such as Boniopsis, Golden Goddess, RG Gracilis, and Fernleaf can be pretty close to full height when planted from a (15) gallon pot, especially if they are well taken care of and mature in the (15) gallon pot size. Bamboo species grow at different rates from one type to the next. Oldhamii bamboo can grow several inches in a day! Other factors that can give you the best result possible include: sufficient water, good soil, adequate fertilization and appropriate sunlight for the species. Give us a call, we can walk you through the process of picking the right bamboo for your yard and help set the right expectations for growth and results.

giant timber bamboo for sale florida



QUESTION: How much does a wall of bamboo cost?

ANSWER: There are several factors but the best rule of thumb is to decide how tall of a wall of bamboo is desired at maturity and what height is wanted upon planting. Next measure wall length and figure at least one bamboo plant spaced at 3’ to 6’ centers. We generally recommend customers see our bamboo in person but it is not necessary if initial and final height are known up front. Small bamboo in (3) & (7) gallon pot sizes is cheap but due to its size it will obviously require more time to grow into something that shades and looks like a living wall of beautiful bamboo. Big bamboo planted close together will cost more but obviously provides a better result right from the start. We can work with nearly all budgets and love helping our customers get the result they want within budget.

living wall of bamboo for sale

QUESTION: Do I need an irrigation system to grow and maintain my bamboo?

ANSWER: Yes but let’s define an irrigation system. Some folks are blessed with wet yards that are perfect for most bamboos, this will more than suffice. Some customers have yards that are primarily dry sugar sand and can only afford a hose to water their plants. We typically tell our customers to water the bamboo daily for the first 7-8 weeks after initial planting, then as needed. Irrigation is especially important during dry periods to ensure green lush growth. Some of our customers have spent very little money on a soaker hose along with a battery-operated timer to automate the task of initial irrigation. For under $50 dollars customers have used the Orbit water timer and a soaker hose to do the job. In our observation, this type of system is affordable and irrigates well. Most irrigation systems can be modified to work for very little money. We can offer free evaluation and will help in this process.


bamboo irrigation



QUESTION: What do I need to do to ensure my bamboo flourishes?

ANSWER: Bamboo needs the appropriate level of sunlight for its type, healthy soil, adequate irrigation and good fertilizer. Since bamboo is a grass it likes nitrogen rich fertilizer such as Milorganite We ask customers to follow directions and not fertilize right before a rain. As much as we love bamboo, we also want to protect our natural water resources. We pledge to help our customers by providing the best information at all times.

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QUESTION: What is the tallest bamboo that grows well in central Florida?

ANSWER: Dendrocalamus giganteus is the tallest of all bamboos, growing as tall as 115′ in height. Oldhamii Bamboo – Oldham’s Giant Timber Bamboo – ‘Bambusa Oldhamii is one of our bamboo plants for sale that does well in Orlando. It easily grows to 50’ and up to 65’ in height.

Oldhamii Bamboo Oldhamii for sale

QUESTION: What is the best bamboo for a hedge wall?

ANSWER: This will depend entirely on specific taste and desired height. We like Graceful (Textilis Gracilis) Bamboo because of its elegant arch and ability to hedge nicely into a thick wall. We also encourage you to look at some of our pictures of bamboo and call or text us to help you decide what’s right for your yard.

graceful bamboo hedge wall

QUESTION: What is the most popular bamboo in central Florida? Why?

ANSWER: We like Graceful (Textilis Gracilis) Bamboo, it flourishes in this climate, it is cold hardy, it is resistant to many types of creep crawlies. Graceful bamboo is non-invasive, it handles dry periods well and it’s just plain beautiful to look it.

graceful bamboo for sale

QUESTION: What kind of bamboo do you offer?

ANSWER: We can get most species but typically carry the local bamboo that thrives in central Florida, visit our homepage to see what we carry.

We Specialize in Sale and Delivery of Commercial, Residential, & Mixed-Use Bamboo & Palm Trees: (click for prices)

Timor Black Bamboo – ‘Bambusa lako’
Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo — Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’
Bonnie Bamboo — Bambusa Boniopsis
Malay Dwarf Bamboo — Bambusa Heterostachya
Tropical Blue Bamboo — Bambusa Chungii
Fernleaf Bamboo — Bambusa Multiplex
Asian Lemon Bamboo Bambusa Eutuldoides ‘Viridi-Vittata’
Oldhamii Bamboo – Oldham’s — Giant Timber Bamboo — Bambusa
Graceful Bamboo — Bambusa Textilis Gracilis
Phoenix Sylvesters
Foxtail Palms
Fishtail Palms
Bamboo Palms
Cat Palms
Areca Palms

QUESTION: Do you need to fertilize bamboo?

ANSWER: Yes, we recommend Osmocote. If you want an organic source, our customers have had great success with mushroom compost or manure. Please be sure to test your soil before introducing more phosphate or any chemicals into the soil. Central Florida is known to have high levels of phosphate in the soil, so you may not require as much to get a good result. Locally, Orange County can test your soil, if you need more resources feel free to give us a call for your area.

mushroom compost


QUESTION: How deep do you need to plant bamboo?

ANSWER: This one is really easy, simply plant the bamboo level with the top of the soil of the pot it’s in. Lightly cover exposed roots, (7) gallon pots are approximately 12” tall so plant your (7) gallon bamboo about 12” deep. (15) gallon pots are 15-16” in height so plant your bamboo in a hole approximately 15” deep. BGHydro has a nice selection of pots if you want more information.

bamboo pot sizes for planting guidelines

QUESTION: How can I keep my bamboo from falling over after freshly planting it?

ANSWER: Plant your bamboo in nice tight holes, tie it to a stake and be sure you plant bamboo in proper soil. Putting bamboo in loose sand may prove problematic and we can evaluate your yard or particular situation to see what is required to better ensure a good result right from the start.


emerald bamboo for sale

oldhamii bamboo for sale


If we did not answer your bamboo questions or you if you just want to talk about bamboo, please text us or give us a call: 407-545-5137